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I am an economist working on topics in the overlapping domains of environmental, resource and energy economics.  Current research is centered around the design and functioning of market-based environmental policy mechanisms.  Another focal point of my research relates to environmental policy and technological innovation.


March 2019: ESRC grant to support 3-year project The Economics of Marine Plastic Pollution: What are the Benefits of International Cooperation? The project will run from 1 June 2019 until 30 September 2022 and involves collaboration with the University of Glasgow, Plymouth Marine Laboratory and Clark University.









Current research

"Spatial Coordination and Joint Bidding in Conservation Auctions" (with Simanti Banerjee, Timothy Cason & Nick Hanley), under journal revision

"A Note on Organizational Structure and Environmental Liability" (with Laurent Franckx & Ben White), under journal revision

"Innovation Modelling and Multi-Factor Learning in Wind Energy Technology" (with Neil Odam), under journal revision

"The Agglomeration Bonus Accounting for Environmental and Social Preferences" (with Laure Kuhfuss, Raphaële Préget, Sophie Thoyer & Nick Hanley), under journal review



ECNU3NV - Environmental Economics 
undergraduate, Management School

ENMPG05 - Environmental Economics 
postgraduate, Faculty of Natural Sciences

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics (with Nick Hanley)



Selected journal articles

"Dynamic Efficiency in Experimental Emissions Trading Markets with Investment Uncertainty" (with T.N. Cason), Environmental and Resource Economics 73(1): 1-31 (2019).   [doi]  [pdf]

"Designing Markets for Biodiversity Offsets: Lessons from Tradable Pollution Permits" (with K. Needham, P. Armsworth, N. Hanley), Journal of Applied Ecology 56: 1429-1435 (2019).   [doi]  [pdf]

"Transaction Costs, Communication and Spatial Coordination in Payment for Ecosystem Services Schemes" (with S. Banerjee, T.N. Cason, N. Hanley), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 83: 68-89 (2017).   [doi]

"Incentive-Based Policy Design for Pollution Control and Biodiversity Conservation: A Review" (with N. Hanley), Environmental and Resource Economics 63(4): 687-702 (2016).   [doi]  [pdf]

"Forest Carbon Offsets Revisited: Shedding Light on Darkwoods'' (with G.C. van Kooten, T. Bogle), Forest Science 61(2): 370-380 (2015).   [doi]  [pdf]

"The Impact of Information Provision on Agglomeration Bonus Performance: An Experimental Study on Local Networks" (with S. Banerjee, N. Hanley, D. van Soest), American Journal of Agricultural Economics 96(4): 1009-1029 (2014).   [doi]  [pdf]

"On Emissions Trading and Market Structure: Cap-and-Trade versus Intensity Standards" (with B. Dijkstra, M. McGinty), Environmental and Resource Economics 58(4): 665-682 (2014).   [doi]

"Inciting Protocols" (with T. Dekker, H. Vollebergh, C. Withagen), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 64(1): 45-67 (2012).   [doi]

"Carbon Trading Thickness and Market Efficiency" (with A. Montagnoli), Energy Economics 32(6): 1331-1336 (2010).   [doi]

"Environmental Taxes and Industry Monopolization" (with L. Schoonbeek), Journal of Regulatory Economics 36(1): 94-106 (2009).   [doi]  [pdf]

"Technology Diffusion, Product Differentiation and Environmental Subsidies" (with M. McGinty), The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 9: (Topics) Article 11 (2009).   [doi]

"Technology-Forcing through Environmental Regulation" (with A. Nentjes, D. Wiersma), European Journal of Political Economy 23(4): 903-916 (2007).   [doi]

"Location Choice by Households and Polluting Firms: An Evolutionary Approach" (with B. Dijkstra), European Economic Review 50(2): 425-446 (2006).   [doi]

Policy briefs and popular writings

"The Just Transition Challenge: Avoiding Carbon Leakage and Jobs Off-Shoring in Decarbonising International Supply Chains," (with K. Turner, A. Katris, L. Ragne), University of Strathclyde, Centre for Energy Policy (November 2018).

"Why Falling Oil Prices should not Undermine Investment in Green Energy," (with Isaac Tabner), The Conversation (12 May 2015).